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Product Description:

  • Item Name: Balance Bosu Ball
  • Brand: H Pro
  • Color: Pink, Purple and Blue
  • Item Dimension: Regular
  • Category: Yoga
  • Material: PP and PVC
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Characteristics of the Bosu Balance Trainer

  • Anti-skid surface

The best thing about this product is that it has an anti-slip strip surface. Therefore, there are minimum chances of slipping off. This is why you can easily exercise without being worried about the slippery surface.

  • Improves your fitness

The Bosu balance trainer gives you cardio, muscular strength, increases flexibility, and balance training. Moreover, you can enjoy entertaining, unique, and highly efficient workouts through this Bosu balance trainer.

  • Enhances mind and body coordination

The Bosu balance trainer improves your coordination because you learn how to control your movement as you work out on an unstable object. Moreover, you learn how to coordinate and engage your body parts. Adults, elderly individuals, athletes, fitness enthusiastic, and children can use this balance trainer to improve their mind and body coordination.

  • Strengthen your core

This training ball focuses on your core and abdomen. Hence, it will strengthen your core and help to flatten the abdomen. Furthermore, it is not only an exercise but also a fun activity.

  • 360* Degree rotation

This product will help you to perform side to side, back and forth, stretch, and circular exercise. It will not only enhance your coordination but also makes your body more flexible. You can buy balance Bosu because it is the best for core stability and balance training.

  • Easy to maintain and store

If you purchase balance trainers you will find it long-lasting and durable. You can quickly clean it after doing exercise. In addition to it, you can easily deflate it so that it is easy to carry the balance trainer.

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