Goggles Anti-Fog Swim Glasses – UV Protection with Ear Plug Swimming – Diving Mask Available – Buy Scuba Diving Goggles – Perfect for Snorkeling and Recreational Swimming for Adults

Product Description:

  • Material: PVC PLASTIC
  • Sizes: Available in Standard Sizes
  • Color: Blue and white
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Features of Diving Mask:

  • Anti-slip design:

Our goggle design can stay fixed in its position. Moreover, the goggles remain on the head even during the most vigorous swimming. Also, the adjustment of goggles is super easy. Besides this, you can even tackle and adjust the strap easily during diving and swimming. isn’t it amazing that you can swim easily without losing the grip of scuba diving goggles?

  • Better Vision:

The diving mask scuba has lenses with Anti Fog coating. Also, these goggles have a special composition that protects swimmer eyes from direct exposure to the sun and 100% UV Protection. So, you can see the wild angle view, best field view, and undisturbed images or vision. Furthermore, can view the undistorted optics above water and underwater.  Besides this, each lens is covered especially so that it can offer you a long-distance view under the pool.

  • Cozy and Comfortable With No Leakage:

Besides, the goggle is made up of best quality plastic (PVC) that saves the swimmer face from external pressure and jerks. Moreover, it gives a unique look and makes a swimmer comfortable. Furthermore, once you take off the goggles it will not leave your eyes with redness or itching. So, you can have a peaceful sleep after a tiring day. Also, the canvas of the diving mask is made of flexible and soft material with a watertight seal. This is why it is comfortable and does not leak.

  • Anti-Splash & Safe for Kids:

The best snorkeling set has a mobile floating ball and a one-way inhalation valve. After getting into the water, the ball covers the entrance of the tube. This is why you can maintain your focus with scuba diving goggles even while swimming.

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Blue & White




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