CIMA Best Doorway Pull Up Bar – Buy Door Gym Bar Heavy Duty Work Out – Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar- 60-100 CM – Fitness Locking Doorway Pullup Bar – Chin Up Bar – Adjustable Width

Product Description:

  • Brand: CIMA
  • Material: Iron and foam
  • Sizes: 60-100 CM
  • Colour: Chrome, Black, Red
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Why do we need to buy Push Up Board with Resistance Stand?

  • Portable

The best thing about this product is that you can easily carry this workout equipment anywhere. Moreover, the push-up board has a detachable feature, which helps you to easily carry it anywhere. You can take it either to the gym or to the office because of its portable design. So, if you are looking to get the best sellers in push up stands, you are at the right place.

  • Tone your body

The best sellers in push up stands will increase your stamina and strengthen your core. You can use this board to work on your shoulder, chest, bicep, triceps, and core.

  • Anti-skid surface

If you need non-slippery surface & solid workout equipment, you can buy push up board with resistance stand from us. It has silica gel so that you do not need to worry about the slippery surface. So, if you want to buy it now, order us as we are one the best sellers in push up stand. Note that it has the rubber ropes that are eco-friendly, long-lasting, flexible, and elastic.

  • Color-coded fitness board

It would be best to get the best sellers in push up stands because it has different colors. It has a combination of various colors so that you can focus on specific muscles. For example, red for core, green for chest, blue for the bicep. In this way, you can primarily target and work on particular muscles.

  • Suitable for everyone

This push-up board has a guide so that any health enthusiastic whether expert or beginner can use this board to shape their body. The push-up board increases the stamina, flexibility, and strengthens the core. So, buy push up board with resistance stand before the stock runs out.

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Chrome, Black, Red


60CM, 100CM


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