H PRO Treadmill-HM795 (With Massager)


Motor: 6 HP PEAK (3.0 HP DC)

Walking area(L*W): 1300*480mm

Allowable weight: 130kg

Other function: MP3 input with high quality speakers, auto lubrication, GFIT app to connect through Bluetooth. With hand start/stop.

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H PRO Treadmill Features

Best for Cardio Work Out:

If you need to do phenomenal cardio at home, you should buy our HM795 treadmill as it will allow you to perform high-intensity training which will help you get more fit, develop muscles, and improve the mind-set.

Sports App and Bluetooth:

H PRO HM795 has Bluetooth connection which helps in sharing the workout data from your treadmill to your mobile’s app. Therefore, you can examine your speed, calories burnt, distance covered, and much more on your mobile phone. In short, you just need to connect your phone with our treadmill in order to track your workout plan.

LCD Monitoring System:

H PRO luxury home treadmill has an LCD screen that shows calories burnt, the time, and distance made sure about, speed, and heartbeat rate. Moreover, this part is incredibly valuable for the people since they will train according to their goal. Additionally, you can control your speed, start or stop a running treadmill using this LCD screen.


It is ideal to purchase our H PRO luxury home treadmill since it is reliable and durable. This treadmill has excellent material, which makes its frame sturdy. Furthermore, this model is sufficiently able to persevere through high intensity training. Hence, you should consider buying our HM795 treadmill to have the best training session within the comfort of your home.

Additional information

Weight95 kg


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