Product Name: Combat Training Rope
Product thickness: 3.8cm / 1.5 inches
Product length: 9 m / 30 ft, 12 m / 40 ft, 15 m / 50 ft
Product weight: 9 meters of combat training rope 7.2kg / 16 pounds, 12 meters of combat training rope 9.6kg / 21 pounds, 15 meters of combat training rope 12kg / 26.5 pounds
Product material: polyester (anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-aging, supple, heavy)
Wraps on both sides: Polyethylene heat shrinkable tube (for better grip and relaxation)

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  • DURABLE & 100% SAFE: Constructed by high-density poly Dacron, our battle ropes are wear resistant and deformation-proof throughout years; odorless & environmental-friendly materials emphasize your health than anything.
  • ANTI-SKID COAT: Thickened rubber coat on rope end provides anti-skid and soft hands feelings, so the rope won’t slip out of your hands easily even if you sweat a lot.
  • VARIOUS BATTLE ROPE WORKOUT TO DO: Users can achieve grappler throws, Burpee slams, alternate wave/lateral lunge combo, single arm plank waves, double wave/jump squat combo, etc. with our battle ropes, which helps you get a killer conditioning workout and tone your abs, arms, shoulders as well as enhance your body flexibility and coordination.
  • 100% polyester polyester, durable and durable, strengthens the core, arms and legs, while increasing aerobic exercise, produces good sweat in minutes.
  • The rope can be easily attached to any sturdy object and can be used for swinging, pulling or climbing exercises alone or as part of a team.
  • Easy to hold: The end of the heat shrink cap helps to maintain its shape.
  • Widely applicable: Suitable for CrossFit, fitness training, athletes, boxers and sports enthusiasts.
  • Quality Assurance: 100% guarantee the quality of this product. If you are not satisfied within 15 working days after receiving the goods, you can contact us in time, 24 hours very friendly!

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12meter, 15meter, 9meter


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