• FINE MATERIAL: Synthetic leather cover and machined-stitched construction ensures soft touch and high durability
  • GOOD CONSTRUCTION: Machine-stitched construction and thermos plastic urethane casing for maximum durability, Butyl bladder for best air retention and shape.
  • Synthetic rubber Bladder covered with PV Fabric patches


  • H PRO Match Ball Thermal Bonded Top Quality Size 5 Anti Slip Soccer Ball
  • With its thermal-bonded seamless surface enabling a more predictable ball trajectory, superior touch and reduced water uptake, this first class football, as used by professionals on the highest European stage, weight, rebound, shape and size retention and wet absorption – making it an absorbing choice for this premier club tournament.
  • Details:
  • Made with PU Leather Anti Slip 1mm
  • 3mm Eva Foam
  • Synthetic rubber Bladder covered with PV Fabric patches.
  • Latex and Durable Adhesive.
  • official Size and Weight match Quality Ball
  • Net weight of Ball 400-450 grams
  • As per FIFA standard
  • Each Ball packed in Poly bag and with Inflated air
  • Thermal-bonded seamless cover
  • High Living Soccer Ball is designed to meet the demands of Professional players and offers a great design together with the highest quality materials.
  • The ball provides players with a brilliant combination of great speed and control. This High living Football is built to fly with precision right off the foot. The best football for you to improve your football skills.


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