Product Description:

  • Item Name: Vinyl Dumbbell Set 2 piece
  • Brand: Generic
  • Color: Mix color
  • Size: 1KG / 2KG / 3KG / 4KG / 5KG / 6KG
  • Item Dimension: Regular
  • Category: Strength training

Material: Iron and Rubber

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Why do you need to Buy Rubber Dumbbell?

  • Versatile

If you want to focus on a particular body muscle, you can buy body sculpture Vinyl dumbbell.  Because these weight dumbbells help to conduct a full-body workout and increase your stamina. Also, you can utilize lighter weights for upper body exercise whereas bigger weights for the lower body.

  • Easy to carry and portable

The best feature of any product is its portability. So, to make your journey memorable without losing your daily workout, you can buy body sculpture Vinyl dumbbell.

  • Multi-functional

You can use this rubber dumbbell to exercise your shoulder, bicep, triceps, abdominal, chest, and other muscles. Also, if you buy rubber dumbbell, you do not need to waste your money on gym expenditure. However, you can start your workout at home or on vacation to gain and shape your muscles.

  • Tone and tighten

These Vinyl dumbbells pair helps to shape and tone your body.  So, you need to buy rubber dumbbell if you want to focus on your chest and Abs. It is the ideal gym equipment for the home. Additionally, you can save your money by working out at home by using these rubber dumbbells. You only need the motivation to lose weight and obtain the body of your dream.

  • Durable

Lastly, it would be best to buy rubber dumbbells because they are durable and long-lasting. These dumbbells have high-quality material, which increases their durability. Moreover, these dumbbells are strong enough to endure the intense workout sessions. Therefore, you need to buy body sculpture Vinyl dumbbells to have the best gym experience at home.

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Blue, Red


1KG(2pc x 1KG), 2KG(2pc x 2KG), 3KG(2pc x 3KG), 4KG(2pc x 4KG), 5KG(2pc x 5KG), 6KG(2pc x 6KG)


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