H PRO Vinyl Neoprene Dumbbell Set-10 KG With Box


★You can use the kettlebell to exercise your arms, abdomen, back, etc., burn more calories, and at the same time improve your immunity and keep you healthy

★Exercise site: deltoid muscle of shoulder joint, pectoralis major muscle of front chest, biceps and triceps of upper arm, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, waist and abdomen

★Applicable scene: home, outdoor, gym, yoga studio, fitness club, competition

★Applicable actions: rehabilitation exercise, strength training, fitness training, muscle training, jogging, stretching, yoga, gymnastics, bodybuilding


  • ▶Dumbbells are made of solid cast iron core and high-quality neoprene coating. They are extremely durable and sturdy, suitable for all levels of forging. Our sports weightlifting / dumbbells are best used at home and in commercial gyms.
  • ▶Compact and convenient: With an anti-roll design, your weights wo n’t roll off and are easy to stack, so they take up very little space. These fitness accessories are perfect for family use, travel, outdoor, indoor or gym, you can carry these accessories everywhere.
  • ▶Versatile and versatile: Freestyle weightlifting sold in pairs or pairs helps calorie-burning exercise and helps you get a tone, slim and healthy figure. Ideal for fitness, weight loss and plastic therapy.
  • ▶Solid cast weight with rubber coating, Will not crack or fade & protects weights & floors
  • ▶Easy to grip & will not mark or scratch your floor – Ideal for home workouts and exercise classes


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