Soccer MagnaCoach – Magnetic Dry-Erase Coaching Board



Portable Magnetic Soccer Tactics Board – Best Magnetic Soccer Board- Soccer MagnaCoach – Magnetic Dry-Erase Coaching Board

Product Description:

  • Brand: Generic
  • Material: Metal Sheet + PVC
  • Sizes: Big, Small
  • Colour: Green/White, Green/Black
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Features Of Best Magnetic Dry Erase Coaching Board:

  • Versatile Magnetic / Dry Erase Board:

The soccer board is a combo of versatile magnetic & dry erase board which makes it valuable for best and organized coaching during games. So, buy a High-quality soccer board which will not only make your leisure time a quality time but also, makes you and your children learn and grow together.  Furthermore, will leave a positive impact and make your time worth it.

  • Perfect For All Ages:

The idea which makes Magnetic Dry-Erase Coaching Board best is it’s fit and perfect for people of all age groups. Furthermore, it teaches team strategies, and how to focus, plan, and win.  So, it is every parent’s first choice to save their children from today’s world gadgets and invest their time and interest in a better cause. You can order us the best magnetic soccer board that communicates lineups, tactics, and player formation.

  • Accessories And Advantages:

Soccer MagnaCoaching Board has the best design that makes it easily accessible, affordable, and super easy to carry and transport. Besides this, the board has magnetic representing players with referees and a ball.  Hence, the board that is lightweight, easily portable, having fewer accessories makes its players’ first choice and becomes players friendly. For this reason, it has a comprehensive coaching feature which makes it a player-friendly soccer board.

  • High Quality and Ultra-Modern:

The magnetic soccer tactic board is made from the best and high-quality material i.e Metal Sheet + PVC. Moreover, the board displays all of the tactics clearly and keeps you focused. Also, the best thing about the  magnetic soccer tactics board is that it identifies the responsibilities of players’ set-piece. Above that, we provide you with the best quality product at an affordable price. Besides this, this magnetic board is ideal for everyone out there.

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8.5" x 13"


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