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Product Description:

  • Brand: JING HENG
  • Material: Metal + Sheet + PVC
  • Sizes: HEIGHT: 1.9 inches, DIAMETER: 7.8 inches
  • Color: Multicolored
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Features of Soccer Disc Cone:

  • Measurement & Package

Sport disc cone measures at HEIGHT of 1.9 inches & DIAMETER of 7.8 inches. You will get 50 pieces per package. This is why it is perfect in school use with easy storing features. Also, this is an ideal size and perfect cones, for your dog’s training. Moreover, the sport disc cone stack for easy transport and storage and separate easily for quick set up. So, this cone does not only provide you amazing size besides this, The rods feature heavy-duty threads and can be broken down and set-up with ease.

  • Ideal for Coaching & Drill

These cones are made up of high-quality plastic. Furthermore, to ensure they remain straight through extensive training and use. Each disc cone can be set up to train your kids for different jumping heights. Moreover, you can use your high-quality sport disc cone for obedience training and other agility drills such as the weave. A perfect trainer must use perfect cones for their training so, buy JING HENG training cones.

  • Durable and flexible:

Our disc cone sets have long-lasting features that make it run over season after season. Also, this is perfect as a target, sports practice, coaching, or boundary markers during outdoor games. So, now you don’t need to settle for low quality or just cheap cones.

  • Adjustable and Versatile:

These agility cones can be adjusted according to your plans. Besides this, Whether you are training your dog for an upcoming show or having recreational fun with your kids at the park training cones are the perfect and one-stop solution for you. So,  buy the JING HENG sport disc cone now.

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HEIGHT: 1.9 inches, DIAMETER: 7.8 inches


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